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Unique Journeys

The CCCL aims at continuously innovating in offering Unique opportunities of travels and discoveries around Morocco.  Educational and cultural tourism have been part of our initial offers.  Beyond a tourist experience, we provide a safe and respectful environment for visitors to engage in a genuine dialogue with hosts, whether academics, artists, researchers, students, activists, NGOs, working women and men, youth, and adults. 

Several activities are part of our programs to allow for the possibility to open up to the other, to approach a new culture and a new land as we dive into more understanding of who we are.  The magic of the landscape, the beauty of nature and weather in Morocco, as well as the kindness of its people are what makes our journeys unique in the first place.  We add to it some magic by accompanying our participants in an adventure that will remain with them forever.  Our travels are a learning experience.  Our work is to ease the process of deconstructing stereotypes, biases and prejudices, and help go beyond the comfort zone while staying always safe.


Samples of our trips vary from a day to 3 weeks of encounter and exploration and accommodate the participants according to their desires and needs. Our objective is to make sure our programs are impactful and life changing experiences and exposures to the other to learn about oneself as part of the world.

CCCL's partner travel agency Kulturen offers a discount for our programs' participants!

See our program samples below.


Morocco: Crossroad of Cultures

Length: 18 days
Time: Offered all year round
From the Amazigh origins of the indigenous people to the contemporary blend of Arabic, Amazigh and European influences, this program offers an immersive experience that traverses time and tradition. Explore vibrant souks, historic landmarks and dynamic cities as you delve into the intricate tapestry of Morocco's history, cuisine, arts and social issues. Engage with locals, savor traditional dishes, and witness the magic of daily life in a truly captivating cross-cultural exploration.

​- Watch the sunset over the desert, then enjoy traditional Moroccan music under the stars.

- Enjoy hands-on Moroccan cooking lessons.

- Discuss some of the issues across modern Morocco with locals and scholars.

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