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The Center for Cross Cultural Learning in collaboration with Thaqafat Association is providing virtual and in-person internships in various fields in Morocco as follows:

Contact us on for more information.

Topic: Children’s Education

Required languages: Intermediate level of Arabic and/or French.

Internship overview:

You will gain an international experience in working with children. You will provide assistance in a different range of environments; community NGOs, schools, day care centers, orphanages, autistic children and many more. You will work with children from underprivileged neighbourhoods through organizing and engaging in activities to entertain them and help develop their cognitive skills. Duties vary depending on the projects but in general, they involve giving important attention, provide educational support, teaching basic English, physical development activities (music, dance, toys, and games), and arts and craft (painting and drawing) and assisting with daily operations.

Possible tasks:

  • Design and facilitate workshops in drawing, manual work activities, educational gamification etc.

  • Offering academic support, and occasional childcare.

  • You can also assist in summer camps, during the school holidays.

  • Have at least an intermediate level of Arabic and/or French.

  • Other tasks will be assigned in relation to what you will do

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