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Study Abroad & Faculty-led

The Center for Cross Cultural Learning offers the most beneficial experiences and unique opportunities to study and experience life in Morocco through a well-designed educational study abroad and faculty led programs. The CCCL offers a special environment for participants to absorb, and appreciate Morocco’s culture. This process enhances participants’ careers by exposing them to a variety of new perspectives, and creating a better understanding of the local culture through a combination of coursework and interactive sessions.It helps them be immersed by stimulating their curiosity and foster their constructive critical thinking while improving language skills, promoting personal growth and independence.

CCCL works directly with partners, organizations, institutions, universities and schools and customizes for them programs in Morocco that best suits their objectives and learning needs. The expertise of our team is far-renowned for their professionalism and top-notch organization; they perform in many ways and have shown flexibility and adaptability to the needs of the partners and participants.  Their excellent communication skills, coordination, follow up, participants’ support 24/7, care, and the engagement they put in every single part of each program, are key to the success of their work and their reputation.

See our program samples below and contact us for any information


Please not that these programs are only available for organizations, we do not offer these programs for individuals.


Gender & Sexuality in Morocco

Length: 16 days
Time: Offered all year round
Examine the history, cultural norms and political structures that help shape attitudes towards sexuality and gender from international perspectives.
During this 2 week course, students engage with Moroccan academics, researchers and activists to examine the issue of sexuality and gender in a modern Islamic society.
The role of the Islamic minority is a crucial social issue in much of Europe, and issues of gender and sexuality are seen as the most visible fault line of societal tensions. Traveling to Morocco grants students the opportunity to examine these issues from different cultural perspectives.

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