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Arabic Courses

The CCCL provides a truly unique immersion for its students, and an effective method of teaching and learning Arabic through a mutual reinforcement, and a quality language instruction. We help students easily immerse themselves culturally by a well structured active engagement and participation. We coordinate all language courses such as Modern Standard Arabic (Fus’ha) and Moroccan Arabic (Darija).

Possibility of organizing French and Tamazight classes upon request by a school or a university.

Please note that group classes are designed for study abroad programs only. Group classes can be arranged for individuals if groups are formed before registration. Individuals can apply as well.

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Our Resources

The CCCL Arabic department has developed a variety of academic tools to facilitate language acquisition. The materials used in each class vary according to the level. Besides written materials, CCCL uses audio, video and online material. The CCCL also has a library that contains dictionaries and other resources available for the students learning languages at the Center.

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