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Participants to CCCL programs have a choice of accommodation between hotels or homestay. We offer ranging from 3 to 4 star hotels, depending on your request. 

If you opt for homestay accommodation, the CCCL locates, selects and orients host families before the students’ arrival as well as monitors homestay placements during students’ stay and supports students and families during the placement. Our homestay director works to ensure consistent high quality of service in delivering homestay experiences by:

  • Being the point of contact for homestay families based in the community and providing advice and support whenever necessary. 

  • Recruiting, selecting, training, orientating and monitoring host families in the community for homestay.

  • Giving a detailed cultural and social orientation to students prior to placing them with families.

  • Completing profiles for each family and screening families to ensure families meet the necessary criteria to host.

  • Matching students with appropriate host families.

  • Providing support to students and host families if problems arise.