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The CCCL homestay experience offers a special insight into Moroccan society through experiencing daily life, customs, values, and language. To live with a family is an intensive and rewarding cross-cultural experience through which you are given the opportunity to participate in meals, conversation, and daily activities. There is no better way to learn and improve your knowledge about a culture and a language than to live with a family and experience daily life first-hand.

Our department works with a network of over 150 families to offer homestays in Rabat and village stays throughout Morocco. Most host families have opened up their homes, motivated by the idea of building cross-cultural friendships. They do not see their home as a hotel. Most families want to get to know you as a person and hope to continue the friendship after the homestay. Host families are carefully selected and screened; some have hosted students before, but for others it is a first-time experience. You will be received as a member of the family and involved in the daily activities of that family, which often include attending family parties, visiting relatives, going to the movies with a host sibling, enjoying long dinners, socializing with the neighbors over Moroccan tea, and exploring medina souks, sites, and city centers together.

Our role is to make sure both sides are learning from this encounter, and while the student /intern are growing through immersion, the host families are widening their spectrum about the rest of the world. CCCL’s care, follow up, mediation and ease in the process are key to the success of such experience.

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