Study Abroad, Faculty Led & Adult Programs

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The Center for Cross Cultural Learning offers its program participants unique opportunities to study and experience life in Morocco. Our study abroad programs range from short term programs to semester long ones. Since 1995, besides semester programs for various colleges and universities, we have been providing excellent winter sessions, spring breaks, Maymesters, and summer programs. At the CCCL, our cross-cultural learning philosophy encourages participants to interact with and learn from one another, CCCL staff, their host families, and the expert-lecturers invited to our institution. During CCCL programs learning is a non-stop process enriched with organic, spontaneous interactions and experiences that bring formal lectures and classes to life. 

At the CCCL, we tailor our programs to respond to the interests and needs of our participants and partner institutions. When studying at the CCCL, you will find a skilled and highly trained pool of staff, contacts, and resources at your disposal. With the consideration of each individual partner, we create programs that address and incorporate themes and activities of interest.

The CCCL provides more than a learning experience since we endeavor to allow our participants to maximize their comprehension of Moroccan culture through a unique combination of coursework and interactive sessions. Each CCCL program coordinator/assistant helps create balanced programs that allow participants to see Morocco from several angles: participants explore Morocco as students and visitors, but they also have the opportunity to see the country through the eyes of other Moroccans. Using our large network of contracted professors, lecturers, NGO actors and activists, musicians, journalists, as well as several local partners, the CCCL constructs interdisciplinary programs that combine formal lectures with excursions, fieldwork, service work, internships, and other experiential sessions that allow participants to make the most of their time in Morocco.

The CCCL is an organization devoted to cross-cultural education and immersion. As an organization run by Moroccans, the CCCL offers participants the ideal combination of traditional classroom work with authentic, Moroccan experiences. We aim to provide our students with a well-rounded and comprehensive understanding of Moroccan history and society. Studying with the CCCL will afford the faculty and the students a singular opportunity to learn about, experience, and absorb Moroccan culture and society.