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Message from our founders


"The mission of the Center for Cross Cultural Learning is founded on the conviction that peaceful interactions of diverse peoples open up unlimited opportunities for prosperity, intellectual enrichment, and enhance the potentials for happiness and enjoyment. The realization of these idealist conditions requires ambitious grand agendas adopted by states and international organizations. It also relies more concretely on tangible modest self-sustaining initiatives conceived and implemented on the ground by individuals and small organizations as in our case at the CCCL. Our programs are designed for participants of a wide variety of nationalities, ages, cultures, genders and religions. They aim at providing the appropriate condition for healthy human encounters based on the principles that people are equal, that knowledge is the answer to prevalent misconceptions, that mutual respect is necessary for healthy and frank multicultural dialogues, and that direct human contact can serve as means to discover and nourish the goodness in us all. These convictions and principles serve as mottos and guidelines that frame the courses and multi-cultural experiences that we offer or administer in the areas of study abroad, educational tourism, internships, language teaching, volunteerism, homestay, as well as the multi-lingual and multi-thematic conferences, poetry reading, film shows, and music performances that we sponsor."

Abdelhay Moudden & Farah Cherif  d'Ouezzan

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