The Center for Cross Cultural Learning in collaboration with Thaqafat Association is providing virtual and in-person internships in various fields in Morocco as follows:


The program includes:

  • Orientation sessions about Morocco which include:  Moroccan history, 101 session on Moroccan Arabic , and Internships in Morocco 

  •  Guaranteed Internship placements in one of the projects listed  

  • Mentoring and online support  during the  whole program period

  • Follow up and debriefing sessions: our staff will be organizing weekly meetings and debriefings throughout the whole program.

  • Program evaluation

Number of hours:

  •  Administrative work : 15 hours a week -  3 hours a day - Mondays To Fridays

  • Teaching: 3 times a week - 2 hours a day  +  9 hours preparation of class


Online Platforms:

  • Teaching  Languages on zoom or Microsoft Teams

  • Administrative work: Communicating with your supervisors for feedbacks and questions either or via emails or Skype or another platform agreed upon with your supervisors.