About Us


The Center for Cross-Cultural Learning (CCCL) is a private cultural institution founded in 1995 and directed by Moroccan academics with many years of experience in cross-cultural education. The CCCL organizes a variety of cultural and educational activities which include Arabic courses, seminars and conferences of different topics. The CCCL also sponsors art exhibits and musical performances and organizes educational excursions to various parts of Morocco. The aim of these activities is to provide participants with opportunities to learn from the rich cultural diversity of Morocco and to better understand and appreciate the country’s cultural heritage.

The CCCL sits on 3 sites:

  1. Laalou: The main CCCL building is set in 19th Century building in the old Medina of Rabat. The building was bought and refurbished in 2000 and counts 4 offices, 4 classrooms, a large conference room, a cafeteria and a panoramic terrace. The classrooms, conference room and hall are available for rental. 

  2. Legza: This site includes 2 classrooms, 2 conference rooms, 5 offices, a terrace and the CCCL library.

  3. Dar El Mamoun: This is the latest CCCL acquisition. It is under construction and includes a kitchen and 2 conference rooms/dining halls.


We offer free Wi-fi for our guests and participants in all our facilities. 

Our library is open for all CCCL participants and holds over 6,000 books ranging from Literature, Politics, Religion, Law etc… as well 1,500 of our students’ theses examining Moroccan issues during their stay.

Message from our founders...

"The mission of the Center for Cross Cultural Learning is founded on the conviction that peaceful interactions of diverse peoples open up unlimited opportunities for prosperity, intellectual enrichment, and enhance the potentials for happiness and enjoyment.  The realization of these idealist conditions requires ...